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For organizations to survive, grow and succeed, leadership and management has to effectively work hand-in-hand.  


Leaders and managers at all levels need to develop the ability to think strategically, the ability to manage change effectively, manage conflict effectively, model and drive team work, solve problems creatively, manage and motivate themselves and others.


Leaders and managers in the 21st century have to develop the ability to deal with the increasingly complex nature of work in a world that has become a global village. Leadership and management are not the sole preserve of those who have authority over others, the broader perspective of leadership and management is that everyone, one way or the other, manages and leads.


Our Effective Leadership & Management Skills Learning Program is highly experiential, thorough, comprehensive, research-based, proven and practical. The course is designed to ensure effective application on the job.


The training has been strategically developed and designed to ensure participants achieve the following:

  • Possess the necessary skills to confront and overcome the leadership and management challenges in today’s increasingly complex business environments

  • Develop the ability to leverage on the strengths, skills and abilities of others to get things done

  • Increased ability to think critically & strategically for effective decision-making and creative problem-solving

  • Increased ability to motivate self and others

  • Possess a thorough understanding of their roles as leaders and managers

  • Possess and demonstrate a thorough understanding of the different leadership styles and how to adapt them to different kinds of teams

  • Increased ability to be emotionally intelligent in their roles

  • Increased ability to influence others without having to exert authority

  • Possess and demonstrate a thorough understanding of the core competencies of effective management


Effective Leadership & Management

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