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Progressive organizations are no longer interested in the usual, mundane, traditional approach to trainings that puts employees in a mold and has no impact whatsoever on human behavior.


Training has evolved in learning. Learning inspires thinking, creativity, innovation, discovery, curiosity, personal growth etc.


Learning is the bigger picture of Training – it goes beyond training. Great training inspires people to learn and helps them develop the ability to apply good judgement in different work situations.


At TeamOne Consulting, we believe that training shouldn’t just be an event, it should be a transformational experience.


Our experiential learning is very immersive as we create real-life simulations, props etc. to ensure that learning happens.


We ensure that participants are ready to learn and are fully engaged in the learning experience.


Training buy-in

  • Our Trainings are designed to stimulate curiosity secure participants buy-in from the on-set


Personal Transformation

  • Our primary focus is always the individual. We believe in the principle. ‘First within then without’ If the training doesn’t impact on the individual, it cannot impact on the job.


Delivery Impact

  • Our facilitators are come with the relevant expertise and experience to bring our rich, best-of- class content to life! We inspire, engage, motivate, enlighten…



  • Our trainings are designed to keep participants upbeat and engaged with a variety of fun elements that make the learning a fantastic experience.


Developed and delivered to ensure retention

  • We ensure that all concepts no matter how complex are presented in ways that make recall easy.


Highly Experiential

  • Real-life Simulations and practical

  • Our use of games, group activities, role-playing, case studies etc. helps to promote ‘real-world’ application and also embed the attitudes and skills needed


Action planning

  • To ensure applicability of the learning outcome, we help participants to write out specific action plans to guide them towards their goals


Post-Training Performance Support

  • Learning doesn’t stop after the initial training – it is continuous.

  • We understand that new knowledge not applied immediately can be lost. Therefore, the reinforcement and support that happens after the training is critical to retention, on-the- job application, continuous learning and ultimately, the success of the training.

  • It is a responsibility we don’t shy away from and our promise to our clients is this - you will never walk alone!

  • Apart from giving participants very useful and helpful support tools, we are always be available via telephone, email, social media etc. to assist whenever they are experiencing any difficulty, confusion, frustration, anxiety or struggle figuring out when and how to apply the new knowledge they have acquired.

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Experiential Learning

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