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The concept of ‘customer service’ has evolved.


Progressive organizations all over the world are not so interested in the conventional customer service approach that focuses the spotlight on service reps, what they have to do and the skills they have to display to satisfy the customer.


Organizations are moving from ‘service-mindedness’ to a broader ‘Experience mindedness’ which favours a more holistic approach that is more concerned with customers thoughts, feelings and perceptions about their interaction with your organization.


To remain ahead of competition, it’s important for your people to develop the capacity to create positive unforgettable experiences and give every single customer that has any form of interaction with your organization, a fantastic story to tell.


Our Customer Experience Management Learning Program is highly experiential, thorough, comprehensive, research-based, proven and practical. The course is designed to ensure effective application on the job.


The training has been strategically developed and designed to ensure participants achieve the



  • An in-depth understanding of the importance and impact of their roles in achieving organizational objectives and improving profitability

  • An increased capacity for empathy and the ability to see things from the point of view of

  • the customer

  • Develop the ability to recognize and take full advantage of opportunities to create fantastic experiences that will result in positive viral stories from customers

  • Cutting-edge and dynamic communication skills for improved customer interactions at all customer touch-points

  • Ability to create superior differentiated experiences that ultimately gives the organization an improved brand image

  • Improved ability to project a willingness to help, warmth and genuine interest for the customer

  • Develop a greater capacity to effectively manage difficult customer situations and diffuse tension promptly and professionally

  • Increased ability to connect emotionally and intellectually with customers in such a way that builds trust and inspires confidence

  • Improved attitudes and behaviours on the job


Customer Experience Management

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